Semalt Shares Features Of A Scraper Program You Should Know About

A scraper program automatically extracts data or content from different web pages. It can read the HTML documents, PDF files, and text documents easily and scrapes useful and meaningful information as per our requirements. Developers use scraper programs to perform a variety of tasks. They mainly target dynamic websites and social media sites to obtain useful information and convert it in a readable format. There are hundreds to thousands of scraping programs on the Internet, and all of them have distinctive features and properties.

Here we have discussed the most amazing characteristics your scraper program should have.

1. Extract data in different threads:

Make sure the program you choose can extract information in different threads and can perform multiple tasks at the same time. and Kimono Labs are two scraping services that are used to crawl web pages and harvest data. They run multiple threads and make your browsing experience matchless. You can scrape data from up to 30 web pages and save your time and energy. If your program ensures great performance, you may opt for it to scrape desired data.

2. Load web pages rapidly:

It is one of the most distinctive features your scraper program should possess. If it loads your web pages at a fast speed, you should opt for it instantly. ParseHub is a useful scraping service that fetches information from different sites and creates quality results for its users. It also creates asynchronous requests like AJAX and makes your work easier. Such a program is useful for enterprises and programmers. You can extract content from different HTML documents and PDF files, as well as target multiple images and video files.

3. Obtain information from social media sites:

It is easy to collect and scrape data from dynamic sites, news outlets, and travel portals. But if your scraper program can obtain and extract information from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you must try it. Easy Web Extract is a powerful scraper that enables novice users to harvest information from social media networks easily and conveniently. It can also handle different Facebook communities and scrapes meaningful data from LinkedIn for its users.

4. Automates Projects Anytime:

A good scraper program automates the projects of its users and saves their time and energy. Octoparse is a wonderful option for programmers and enterprises. You can schedule your data extraction projects or let this service perform the web scraping tasks by its own. It is compatible with almost all web browsers and operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

5. Export Data to Any Format:

With IWebTool Link Extractor and Link Extractor, you cannot only extract desired data but also export it to your favorite format. It mainly supports CSV, XML, Access, HTML, SQL Server and MySQL and provides you with accurate and reliable results. We can also commit results to any sort of Database destination via ODBC connection. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and scrapes a large number of web pages at the same time.

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